Degan ES

  • We are happy to announce our 2016-2017 STUCO representatives.  

    These leaders will serve our campus in a variety of areas, and we look forward to helping them grow in their role.  

    If you have any suggestions or ideas in which STUCO can improve our campus please feel free to contact:

    Angela Sander, Megan Barfknecht or Kathy McCauley


    Grade 4:

    Sophie Cendoma

    Ben Lennard

    Kya Smith

    Dylan Johnston

    Isaac Fleitas

    Gaby Anaya


    Grade 5:

    Isaiah Hicks

    Isabella Caballeros

    Edison Ewell

    Oumou Lah

    Karina Garza

    Breanna Stewart

    Jacob Cates

    Joseph Thawng

    Chris Gallegos


    Upcoming Events:

    Meeting 2/6/17

    Valentine Gram Sales 2/6-2/13, will be delivered during Valentine parties 2/14/17

    Pre-order sales went home in the 1/31 Tuesday Newsday folders, pre-order sales due 2/10/17 

    Thank you for supporting our Valentine Gram Sales!!!


    Our Goals:

    To promote citizenship

    To promote scholarship

    To promote leadership

    To promote school spirit

    To promote responsibility

    To promote teamwork


    STUCO staff moderators:  

    Megan Barfknecht (grade 4), Angela Sander (grade 2), Kathy McCauley (grade 5)