Independence ES

5th Grade

  • In 5th grade, we work on all the curriculum areas (science, social
    studies, math, and language arts). We incorporate group projects and tasks
    into our activities that require the 5th graders to use the skills and
    strategies that they have learned in previous elementary school years.
    Their assignments continue to increase in difficulty and rigor and there
    is a major focus on organization and time management as they are preparing
    to go to middle school next year. In math they solve multi-step problems
    with complex numbers. In science they observe and analyze information to
    gather data and make inferences. In language arts, they are asked to read
    and write across a variety of genres and subject areas.

    5th grade  

Name Email Title/Position Department
Bledsoe, Sara ESL Teacher 5th grade
Burrer, Wendy ESL Teacher 5th grade
Diosdado, Lorena ESL Dual Teacher 5th grade
Hamilton, Michelle ESL Teacher 5th grade
Moncada, Mireya Bilingual Dual Teacher 5th grade